New Humanist: ‘A flawed contribution to the faith schools debate’

The aim of More than an Educated Guess, the new report [PDF] from Christian think tank Theos, is certainly laudable – it promises a “cool headed reassessment of the evidence base” around faith schools. Anyone who’s observed the debate over religious schooling knows that it’s too often characterised by hyperbole and, at times, outright dishonesty, so Theos should be applauded for its ambition. But what it promises and what it...

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New Humanist: ‘Mind warp’

Do you forget faces but remember names? Are you distracted by sounds and noises? Do you dislike listening to others for too long? As the new school year begins, thousands of pupils across Britain will be faced with a sheet of paper containing questions like these. And the answers they give could significantly affect the education they receive. The aim of the questionnaire is to determine each individual child’s “learning style” – the way they...

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Fancy visiting the Met’s crime museum? You may need to break in

Earlier this month I wrote a piece for the Guardian about a proposal from the GLA Tory group to open up the Met’s crime museum. After publication, a self-described “ripperologist” contacted the Guardian to say that the Tories’ proposal – and therefore my article – had confused two different letters allegedly from Jack the Ripper. I was happy to bow to his superior knowledge, but it did raise an intriguing...

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  • Trying to find something insightful to say about but I can only think of this
  • Same people who said Hillary Clinton too right wing now defending a dictator who sent gay men to forced labour camps.